the wait list.

ImageThe train speeds through Kanakavalli to chiplun it stops for a crossing , a battalion of office goers barge in, they sit on you in the berth and wherever they can find a spot to park their little fingers.

Never mind you are in a reserved compartment.

Never mind these are supposed to be educated people.

Even if you tell them that this is a reserved section. “we are wait listed.”

That is believed to explain everything.

But a wait listed ticket does not allow you into the train. If you do have a general ticket then you don’t enter the reserved compartment.

every time a general passenger barges into a reserved compartment and demands to sit he is

  • Infringing on the right of the reserved passenger.
  • Stealing something.

Not very pleasant is it? Instead of screaming Anna Hazare or pulling Arvind Kejriwal down we can probably look at how our own integrity system works,

In a carriage equipped to seat say 100 odd people we pack in 150 to 200 almost twice the capacity what would the efficiency and the safety of that transport be? It is very easy to blame the authorities in the railways, it is easy to say they are corrupt; we are as much responsible for the disasters as they are.

As a passenger if I honour the  agreement between me and the railways when I buy the ticket, only then can I demand to be safe.

Think about it.

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