Goa YMCA toastmasters

from our toastmasters club.

toastmasters chronicle



I  have  had a very interesting journey   while completing   my  competent communication manual .
My  membership  happened by accident  as I  was  attending  the meetings  as a  guest  since my wife was a  member .  A  new club was  to be formed at Mapuca  for which   TM Umesh requested   me to join  .  I  finally joined and then took off  in delivering  one speech  every month  for the next  ten months.
I  prepare my speeches  on subjects which are close to me and try  to make it simple so that  it connects  with the audience . In  this  journey , I was helped  by my mentor  , a  man of few words  but the  right words  and someone whose advice is  highly reliable.
Difficult to choose my favourite  speech but  I  feel the speech that  had the audience entertained gets my vote . For…

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