Demonstration speech

Demonstration speech;

Demonstration speeches are staples in high school, college, corporate and other training environments. They are a popular form used in forums like toastmasters.  Essentially we need to look at the elements of a demo speech.

A demonstration speech is where the speaker’s primary purpose is to teach the audience how to complete a task or process this is a kind of informative speech.


  • Recipes
  • Software application
  • Set up a blog
  • Write a limerick

The organization of the basic speech would be:

  • Start with why – starting with a story of current scenario and how this new skill would contribute to adding quality to people’s life.
    • E.g. Earn or save money
    • Build skill range.etc.
  • Give a brief overview of the process this provides the mental framework for the audience to follow you.
    • There is always a fear that something is complicated the overview reassures that it is not.
    • Provides the context for listening.
  • Go through the steps. This has to be done in a sequential order. The process has to be as simple as possible. Explain the purpose of the step.
    • Describe
    • Demonstrate
  • Discuss options, extras or variations. Maybe different software’s, if programs are being discussed. Maybe flavours. Maybe alternate techniques.
  • Allow Q+A time. Question and answer time allows for clearing of doubts. But the time factor should be monitored.
  • Summarize briefly.

Elevating the performance.

  • Ensure audience participation.
  • Use visuals.
    • Body language
    • Physical properties.
    • Photos diagrams.
  • Provide follow up resources. This is for them to follow up after the demonstrations. This could include—
    • Websites, references, pamphlets, or other expert resources.
    • Handouts summarizing the process
    • Diagrams illustrating the key process.
    • Contact details for follow up.

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