Migrant workers.

When we say migrant workers, the picture that emerges is slum dwelling semi-literate or illiterate people in unskilled sector but most of us are migrant worker and migration occurs across socio- economic strata, the motivation could be survival or conquest of new horizons, but yesterday’s nomad still lives in us as the migratory.

1997 dec.18th the Asian migrant organizations began celebrating and promoting dec.18th as the international day of solidarity with migrants as it was the day the UN adopted the international convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families.

This was basically to make the migrant voices heard.

Though migrant workers of all socio-economic strata are found the economically richer migrants tend to take on the role of oppressors, while the economically lower strata tend to have social issues along with insecurities. Dealing with conditions like

  • Unhealthy unsanitary living conditions.
  • Some are victims of human trafficking into hospitality sector, domestic service or sex industry.
  • Exploitation at work place.

The Dhaka principle for migration with dignity was launched by the Human rights and Business as a contribution to protect migrant workers rights. This was first discussed in a migration roundtable in 2011 and developed over the two years through a multi stake holder companies union, governments and experts from the world.

The international migrants’ day 2012 would have been a great day for the global business community to fulfil their promise to respect the human rights of the migrant workers and accord them the dignity and decency of work that their contribution to the global economy merits which is incidentally a fundamental right.


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