Och! bortha

ImageThe fore front is dominated by hundred things to do and address, there  is also troubleshooting. But things are not done, procrastination there is a background conversation that happens somewhere.  Something that hides right at the back.

Its funny we ponder and try to answer ultimate questions, probably because it saves the trouble of answering the immediate ones. There are some insights that do pop up, but most of us don’t do a damn thing to change it.

Like the Landmark forum coaches say what is the conversation. Or as Asma D’souza likes to say what is the pay off. The conversation does not stay without a pay off.

So why the hue and cry, if something bothers me, I handle it immediately or keep it to myself until I can resolve it.

The best maxim I know in this life, is captured in a quote by Jonathan swift, — drink you coffee when you can, and when you cannot to be easy without it. While you continue to be splenetic count upon it I will always preach. Thus much I sympathise with you that I am not cheerful enough to write for I believe coffee once a week is necessary to that. After all coffee makes us, severe, grave and philosophical.


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