over communicate.

Stay in communicationconversations

. You are not in communication….

Keep people in the loop ….

I have heard a lot of this both in the Toastmasters and the Landmark forum. Call XYZ says the coach, if he does not call again keep doing so until he does well that sounds like a telemarketer and more important it is being a pest. What puts a person off, communication ?I understand– Clear the time for conversation, communicate and close is what I would look at but persistent SMS and emails, after a while the receiver would either block the ID or click a spam. Think of it, so where do we stand? Informing is good enough maybe we can request the confirmation of receipt RSVP if there is a call to action. Beyond that everyone is entitled to their privacy. Pushing prodding people to action is being a bully. Maybe we could look at the option and finally honour the persons decision. If I have to spend every few minutes in acknowledging SMS’S and emails I would for one turn asocial.

Think about it. If you have creative solutions please do share.

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