so you want to run away.

When I saw the bloggers write i want to leave india, it kind of struck somewhere. This what we have created, a set of youngsters who want to flee. Shame on us as parents.

Yes what happened in delhi was bad. But candle light march’s media uproar is not going to solve issues. What do we look for

  • Physical safety immaterial of what clothes I wear.
  • A freedom to live life the way I want.

Where does the breach occur, in the upbringing of those offenders, somewhere their mothers and fathers have goofed up in that order.

As long as we glorify Sita’s agnipareeksha, and rama vanavasa we are not going to get out of this. Coming back to the point.

It is the responsibility of the elected government to ensure citizen security. After all we have delegated the responsibility to them. Until the government conscience is kick assed what can we do?

  • Ensure safe transport from place of work.
  • Can you kids refuse to take a job that asks you to stay late hours without organizing your transport?
  • If you can’t create your transport pool.
  • Alternately have night shift dorms, like the hospitals used to have when we were students. Even though we did first half of the night shift, we stayed back at the hospital and left at daybreak.
  • The corrupt cop. The standard excuse is he has to give money to the minister, so citizen’s arrest of the law and order minister becomes mandatory.

As for the current violators: just as  they wanted to teach the girl a lesson we want to teach all future offenders a lesson lets have them publicly castrated and stone for a week. That should take care of them. Of course the onus of her health care and her future expense is theirs.

These are just my off the rack plan of action. But along this lines you may find a more workable one. particularly where transports are concerned.

Before Nehru and bring northeast to mainstream program was launched northeast had least sexual crimes, because the society was more liberal.  Marriage, sex, were different from each other. No child of northeast is illegitimate children are the collective responsibility of the society. This keeps perversity in bay.

Think of a citizen’s alert group. Aam aadmi is not a faceless ass, me and you and our dog named boo have delegated our power to the representative. we pay the cop to keep the crap of the street.

If we condone the election of anyone with even a whiff of criminal record we have compromised ourselves.





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