self respect of a nation.

shameDelhi, Calcutta, where else?

This is despite the stringent anti rape laws,

But how do we as citizens handle it. Kolkotta handed the culprit but the cops let them go.

Lets look at this like a geometry ryder that we solve.

Data available.

  • Cops are paid by the tax payers.
  • Cops are there to ensure that we are safe in our own back yard—how sic!!
  • Cops let the criminals go.


  • Cops are bribe- able as they in turn have to pay their boses.

I am not going into the defense of the cops, though that in itself will be a great saga. But we are tax payers we have paid these guys to flex muscles on our behave, so can’t we tackle them on the platforms of

  • Consumer laws?
  • Corruption?

An escaped convict should translate to the cop in charge being punished, right up to the hierarchy that he is answerable to.

Of course we have the biggest onus of not electing any one with questionable background no matter how many rounds they do on big boss or nach baliye. They are not celebrities, they are parasites.

As along as we are going to glorify sati and purdah we are bound to be stuck with this pervert mentality.  It is not catholicized missionary English education that is going to bring transformation but  a genuine education rooted in building a nation, and not building what we have now a generation of rootless, wannabe Americans.

The strength of ordinary people isn’t in guns; it is in intellect it is in culture and traditions.

Low self esteem correlates both prejudice and violence; people with negative view of themselves tend to view the world and everyone with negative view. No democracy can survive unless people can listen to each other speak and we cannot listen unless we can hear the voice.

We are in a situation where we can make it against flood and pestilence but we fail against law and order.

At school were told and now again the statement is re-enforced” family is the basic unit of the state” a paternal hierarchical kind of family, and we expect a perfect democracy to emerge from this inequality in which one parent lives through the other, the other parent has the authority over others. Children are possessions, of course in a current urban set up children are the decision makes again the balance is lopsided.

We have given up political colonization to corporate ones and red-labour to white collared labour market. We are no doubt trying to change the hierarchy but seem to get stuck at the teen rebellion stage.

Changing the way we raise our children is the only way the long term path to peace or arms control and neither have been more crucial.

We can envision a strong nation built by families that have nurtured their children’s self esteem ad groomed their individual talent.

We don’t need dependency we need independence and symbiosis.

A truly nurturing family does not keep its member home forever neither does a nation put a boundary and keeps its citizen’s back. But creates a world citizen who is secure enough to keep his identity and treat others equally.

Maybe it is time for us to take toll and define what we mean by the sovereign democratic republic of India.

Or do we let the likes of Arnav Goswami and Bak-bak dutt tell us?citizen journalist



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