Seven steps ay speech craftin’.

speakerHow does  speech writing work. I guess each one of us has our own technique for this. For me speech is simply sharing something with a group of people.  I would use the information I have to create a focus. For example my base information is what I collected in my career as a dentist.

If I had to give a speech to entertain, I would probably use the goof ups that occur, the crazy patients, and even crazier faculty their quirks and things like that with a lot of caricaturing imitation thrown in.

If my purpose was to inform or educate then I would go into the scientific information and support it with peer research information. Social causes and life style inputs would also help.

Preventive aspects would call for action thus becoming a speech to persuade.

The courage and fortitude that the patients display on the face of adversity can create an inspiring speech.

Once I know what I want to achieve with the speech, what is it that I want to share the next step would be writing the speech proper. There are times I use paradoxes, sometime quotes but mostly poetry. I give a bland statement I want to share this with you, go through the body, and as a conclusion I would remind them ”hey presto, this is what I shared.”

Somewhere I realized I lost my train of thought and time in establishing a background. So these days, I give my introducer a small write-up on how am I qualified to speak what I do, and what is the background from which my sharing emerges, like if I am talking about Winston Churchill then I would put a little about world war 2 for my introducer.

Just to sum up:

  1. Think of an idea for you want to share
  2. Decide the purpose—what will you achieve through this speech
  3. Create the focus ie maybe my knowledge, my experience, whatever
  4. Bring my message to a single sentence.
  5. Draft an outline with an opening-body-conclusion.
  6. Do the single sentence test
  7. Write something for the person who introduces you.

You will do just great.

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