noodles Bhel

bhelNoodles bhel.

Preparation time    10mnts.

Cooking time             20mnt.

Serves 4


Maggie 2 minutes noodles (masala)   1 packet.

Maggi hot and sweet sauce            4 tbsp.

Raw peanuts                              ½ cup

Papri  crushed                            ½ cup

Sev                                           ¾ cup

Puffed rice                                 1 cup

Water                                        6-8 tbsp.

Onions finely chopped                  1

Potatoes boiled diced                     1

Coriander leaves chopped             2 tbsp.

Salt to taste


Crush Maggie noodle cake withing the packed. Roast the noodle bits without the tastemaker in a thick bottome kadai until pink cool.

Roast peanuts in the same vessel and remove the skin.

Mix together roasted noodles, roasted peanuts papri ½ cup sev and puffed rice

Mix Maggie noodle tastemaker with 5-6 tbsp water and Maggie hot and sweet sauces.

Just before serving mix the chopped potatoes  onions and the sauce mixture with noodles.

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and ½ cup sev.

Serve immediately.


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