UnSung Ballad.

my theatre world

ImageThe breeze felt warm and shadows came alive, it was as if each shadow had a story to tell.

Kathanika, had just finished reading the story of Nagamandala the much acclaimed play by Dr.Girish Karnad. The abstractness amused her .An untold story coming to life asking to be told.

“Well, the bird sings because it has a song”

“Says who”

“Mary Angelou”

Kathanika looked at the woman who invaded her privacy both in the physical world and somewhere in the realm of her thoughts.  And the answer Mary Angelo did not go with the woman in front of her, this woman was clad in hand-woven sari her long stresses caressing her she looked like she was from another era.

“And you are”

“What would you like to call me?”

“I don’t know what you are called.” The woman smiled “”okay you know me as Savitri”

“Haa! Sati Savitri,”

“If you…

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