Hice chores. Heavens above! How smashing!

ImageI am like Joan Rivers, I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again!! But I love a clean house. Know something I did not find the elves anywhere.

To organize myself one thing I did was dividing my housework and putting it as a check list. This I found was great way to keep the housework pattern happening even when I was away. (But unfortunately my husband saw it as me being control freak.) Though the kids did find organizing things better. Here is a list I have for frequent jobs.

  1. Check the content of food store, refrigerator and freezer—this I would like to do weekly but unfortunately I get to do it once a fortnight.
  2. Check house hold store—I keep this for 29th of every month after making out the menu plan.
  3. Work out menus for meals—I work a general breakfast plan for the entire month so I am zapped each morning with what next. I even have a generic lunch plan ready. I do this on 28th so I know the requirement of my recipe; I can check it out in the store on 29th.
  4. Make out shopping list—this happens on 29th after the menu planning on 28th and store check on 29th. 30th my husband and I go shopping. Since this is planned many times we link it with going to my husband’s hometown and we really pick up things at a bargain.  When it comes to vegetables then we pick it up on weekly basis or need based.
  5. Organized home cleaning—this is where the largest headache emerges; clutter upsets me, and cleaning up fills into the time available. So what I have been doing is one room detailed cleaning per week. The unchecked details I finish on Sunday. This helps me optimize the domestic help who comes in for an hour and half each day.
  6. Daily checklist
    1. Tidy the house magazine, toys books, newspaper
    2. laundry
    3. Wash the dishes/load the dishwasher
    4. Put the garbage out.
    5.  Clothes for next day
    6. Water bottle filled
    7. Mobile charged.

I know house work does not kill anyone but I do not want to take a chance. So I plan, organize and when nothing works I delegate.

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