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Like I shared before what I do is focused cleaning of one room in a week and just rush through the others.

This week my focus is on the Master bedroom, things seem just take shape and life of its own. My husband and I return from work and just dump stuff here and there, this week would essentially mean working with the master bedroom.

Sometime down the line maybe we could look at feng shui, vaastu and the other aspects of  the aesthetic. Right now my focus is only declutter.

Cleaning the master bedroom in itself is a Herculean task.  A basic check list that helped me tide  through was.

  1. Tidy away the clothing
  2. Strip  the bed and vacuum the mattress
  3. Turn mattress over from head to foot to equalize the wear—please do not do it for the  foam mattress
  4. Make the bed and fold up edges of the bedspreads away from the floor.
  5. Dust high places
  6. Clean floor
  7. Dust paint work skirting board ledges door handles
  8. Dust furniture and polishing if need arises.
  9. Clean mirrors and other glasses
  10. Clean and replace small objects from tray.

Some care that we can take while doing the clean is.Image

  • Cover the bed with old sheet of newspaper
  • Clear small objects like alarm clocks from shelves and dressing table on ta tray and dust as you replace.

Of course I have the entire week to work on it, sometimes through the week I clean up one rack on in my cupboard, Sunday, would be the day where I put out clothes for the week. This way the clothes for dry-cleaning, get kept aside for the day I go to town.

Out door work gets set aside along the week.


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