hyderabad blast– who killed jack robbins?

indo pakBlasts in Hyderabad..

Two powerful bombs blast simultaneously ripping through a crowded area close to the bus-stop at Dilsukh nagar near Hyderabad on Thursday. The police claim involvement of the Indian mujahideen terror group.

16 dead, 117 injured and at least six in critical condition.

The home minister sounds like the little kid at school, but I told you three days ago? The DGP  V.D.Reddy says the alerts were of routine nature, that is interesting. The state intelligence refutes the information.

Has brought the much-needed divergence for congress. With Shinde and his footinmouth disease,  and the budget coming up the general health of congress is detonating. Their visible return to power is threatened though they really need not worry since they have managed the overseas citizenship in India, the 20- somethings are media informed and sadly lacking in education and thinking power 40-somethings are too jaded or superior to trot to the poll-booth their holy cow is safe.

Yet during moments of introspection… this blast bailed the congress out. If one did look deeper one might find the proof, or maybe we need Jerry and Edith Hicks to give us a lesson ask and it is there.

The BUDGET session has just started and congress has officially been accepted as failure.

Shinde with his very crass comments on saffron terrorism began made the party aware that they needed a mask or a smoke screen to save their face.

The Afzal Guru debacle, they way it was handled, it was not by the constitution or the stand the congress itself took.

The extravagant Pratibha Patil, it could be the price the country paid on behalf of congress to ensure that she was counter productive.

Finally the Italian  defence connection. Bofors and now this, mama mia desperately needs the country to forget her Italian connections, so does the party.

The hate speech by Hyderabad cleric could have been the ideal stimuli and the blast can be called reactionary to that call.

At the end of the day what occurs to me is

    • The congress orchestra this blast to divert the attention from the budget session while it
      juscitizen journalist


  • t gets its way around without a debate.
  • The congress is controlled by the Muhajadeen.

Maybe it is time for the country to arise and clean sweep the parliament off the parasite and pimps living there both in ruling and opposition.

Why do I get this unhealthy feel of another emergency being declared


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