Splittin’ hair.

ImageSplit ends?

Lets not split hair about it.

I am one of those people like the real princess, with sensitive skin, so much so once upon a time during when I was a teenager I suffered profusely from dandruff, and pimples, the combination was so prolific that my back looked like a field of eruptions competing to erupt.

This obviously meant trot to the skin specialist who looked at my back then my scalp, he said the issue was that my hair was too abrasive against my skin so I had to trim. Haa! Teenager in me rejoiced now was the time I tweaked the diagnosis and treatment plan and told me mom, I have to chop my hair off.

Later in the med-school it was confirmed that hair was dead tissue. So repair was not possible. What about the various claims then? let us look at Trichoptilosis….is a fusion of tricho or hair, in Latin with Ptilosis or arrangement of feathers in definite areas from Greek. It is colloquially called split ends.

This is caused by thermal, chemincal, or mechanical stress like the curling irons, and excessive hair cae products perms or colouring. This could be because these events strip the protective laver of the hair, like forceful bruchin does.

Actually there is no remedy for the ends that have already split. Some shampoos claim to heal split ends well they only seal the ends together again.

The only way to really deal with this reducing or eliminating the causes of split ends. And trimming the tip of the hair every 6-11 weeks.


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