Home management—Kitchen cleaning

2 supermomKitchen is a sacred place for me.

My recipe for dealing with anger and frustration lies hidden in the Kitchen I set the kitchen timer for twenty minutes cry rant and rave and the sound of the bell, simmer down have a cup of coffee and go about business as usual.

To make my life simpler I tied the kitchen cleaning with the grocery stocking. In turn linked the grocery stocking with menu planning for the week. That kind of keeps things in semblance of order.

My gross kitchen cleaning checklist goes,

  • Grocery to canister or storage
  • Tidy the articles to cupboards or shelves
  • Clear the work top off all articles, such as mixers, scales etc.
  • Remove waste bins and any small mats or furniture
  • Dust high places
  • sweep or vacuum floor
  • Dust paint work, ledges, skirting board
  • Door handles
  • wipe surfaces such as cooker, refrigerator
  • Defrost and clean refrigerator
  • Clean work tops depending on the surface material,
  • Wash and replace the small articles like scales food mixer, stands etc.
  • Wash articles such as washing up rack, soap dish
  • Waste bin disinfect waste bin
  • Clean sink drainpipe with washing soda or drainex
  • Wash or clean floor according to the surface material
  • When floor is dry replace mall furniture

Please don’t rush all this in a day, divide this check list over the week, though I try to get max done through a movie one Sunday afternoon. Of course lot of the work can be delegated to the domestic work, or even errant kids.

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