Moment ay hair curlin’ truth.

Image “If you are having a bad hair day, try not to complain… there’s an child out there with cancer who would kill just to have hair!” the unknown philosopher droned.  Wonder how medusa would react to that, just imagine Medusa with a bad hair day!! Like I shared in i was brought up the staple endorsed by Mary Ann Shaffer in The Guernsey literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”Naturally curly hair is a curse, and don’t even let anyone tell you different.”

Somewhere you know hair is symbolic of life, it bolts from our heads, like the earth it can be harvested, but will rise again. We can its colour, texture when mood strikes us, but in time it will return to its original form just as nature will in time turn our precisely laid- out cities into a weed-way?

Weeks back after I share samson’s plight  sunsilk  sent me its new product the  perfect straight.

Lovely, believe me It felt like heaven,  I am great sunsilk fan, the yellow, pink, black I had tried it all, here was the  color purple! The fragrance just right, the afterwash feel great, my sausage curls, turned spaghetti  of the cooked kind  and the third wash it was aesthetically straight with a hint of its twisted days.  I shared it with my fellow curly hair victim. I began feeling like Parveen Babi.

By the way there is a reason forty, fifty, and sixty  don’t look the way they used to, it’s not feminism or better living through exercise its because of hair dye, there are Aishwarya’s and Karishma’s vouching for it.

Three weeks of euphoria…. but…. (woe the word, it is an obstacle)… my crowning glory fell flat…

Lao Tzu ones said, Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them, that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” That is what I had to learn, with my hair straightened and no waves, it falls limp and flat. I have lost the electrified by the wind blowing through my hair look. Isn’t it funny, I have begun to wonder at times like chuck  Palahniuk in Lullaby,”  are things really better than the things I already have? Or am I just rained to dissatisfied with what I have right now?”

I have handed the shampoo and conditioner to my friend who battles the curl with commitment, I bask in the reflected glory of her victory, while I return to my black and yellow.

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