Homecare – bathroom

ImageHome care – bathroom

Everyday after a bath swishing and cleaning the bathroom floor is a routine but one week in the month is dedicated to the detail cleaning. It begins on Monday by throwing out all those news papers stacked there.  Someday before I die I will have one of those really beautiful bathrooms with wall hangings and plants

  • Tidy small objects like toothpaste, shaving kit
  • Remove laundry basket small towels scales etc.
  • Dust high places
  • Sweep or vacuum floors
  • Wipe tiles dry
  • Clean cabinet exteriors, mirrors towel rails,
  • Clean the hand showers, hand basin etc.
  • Clean the lavatory pan and brush
  • Renew flush cleansers
  • Polish surfaces according to material
  • Put in clean towels and materials etc.
  • Clean shower head, buckets, and mugs
  • Check on bath supplies and toiletries throw out the out dated ones and stock with fresh ones.

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