An autobiography is the s…

An autobiography is the story of how a man thinks he lived.
Herbert Samuel


Autobiography, the story of a person’s life as or written by the person.

Yes I know the Gandhi one got on our nerves too, and Nehru’s does not ring true.

Daphne du mauriers is right when she says autobiography is self-indulgent. On the other hand every artistic creation is a biography, an interpretation through our experiences.

This is where a dairy or a very personal autobiography helps. Sharing it with the general public is a later decision.

Mythology is composed of our collective memories, the more we recollect, share and co-relate the more powerful that energy becomes the God is only the visual manifestation of that power within us.

When this is paralleled with a mythological situation, we draw inspirations and parallels with the events of the gods it becomes a spiritual one and we begin to realize our inner strength one might choose to call it divine calling. During this transformation what is important is what we are transforming into than what we have transformed from.

The secret of Osiris become Ra is to turn darkness to light, for the soul to become aware as opposed to apathy.

In Egyptian parallels Osiris is the mundane living and death strikes; it’s about returning to source. Isis is transformation on this earth.

A spiritual diary or autobiography helps us assimilate an experience and move on to the next. They become relevant as our stories are our memories, collective memories are bonding and a tribe is built, to replace the tribe that our migrating society has destroyed. It roots us within us and to nature around.

If you are interested in really channelling this power within you start with morning pages that is minimum three pages every day, to be handwritten in long hand. Anything any crap just do it. By the end of the month you will figure a way out.

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