I dare-because I care

ImageMad rage at Media!!

“Do you know we are being led to
Slaughters by placid admirals

& that fat slow generals are getting
Obscene on young blood

Do you know we are ruled by t.v.

― Jim MorrisonAn American Prayer

Through 22 years of dental practise, I have come across many issues that need our attention,

Ambitious parents pushing their kids.

Wistful women, living their lives through the kids.

People dealing with various relationship issues

What makes me sad is that we are no more committed to relationships, of any kinds, may be without jobs, with our spouses’ family whatever. This is the precise value we are passing on to our kids.

We have information focused kids.

What I really want to tackle is the way we display our children.

The other day I went to judge a dance show. A little girl of 5 came on stage with a suit and hat she danced for 6 mnts, which was 3 minutes over the stipulated time, the audience were hooting and rooting for her. Her dance was horrendous; she stripped to a pink sequined bikini through the dance.

After her came an 8 something child, with budding breasts and she danced to “zara zara touch me” when we peddle erotica through our daughters do we really have any business to react to things like Delhi violation, or the vasco child being raped?

Don’t give me the bull shit about slut walk and the right to do as you please.

Of course every creature has the right to do as they please, but when you display erotica, (which is very different from being nude or semi-nude), it is a mating call. Then one needs to be prepared for the consequences of the act.

We cannot get outraged about issues on one hand and provoke them on the other. As citizens more importantly as parents we need to know where to draw the lines.

We are so quick to closet our daughters but we don’t think twice about watching Dirty picture in our living room, with parents, grandparents and kids in tow.

The most worrying part of this is these have entered our living room.

We at our media and women conference at international centre Goa are planning an educative campaign this would include

  • Psychologists
  • Sociologists
  • Police

The idea is to educate the parents on the exact impact of what is having. This would involve behavioural specialists. We are also educating people on how to lodge a complaint at the information and broadcast web site against these shows.

The government has to be pressurized into creating definitely guidelines for advertisements and media which is not happening in the country right now.

This is a whole gamut of education that has to happen.  There is no point in stating that one person cannot make a change, of course you can. I talk to teenage girls, telling them the difference between a mating call and living your life.

Unfortunately our society still does not talk about this.

we watch a wife beater Rahul Mahajan, and vote him in and of big boss. We iconize a sociopath Salman Khan.We don’t question why Sanjay Dutt is not serving the TADA sentence.

and we claim the government does not provide safety.

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