ImageLast week, I shared an experience about a workshop.

Of course fresh from the experience with my ego teased, and general malice to people in the establishment I wrote what appeared apt to me then. I am not apologizing for the article, though  in retrospect i wondered what could we have done differently that we could have extracted what we wanted to learn.

Beginning with me, I could have been honest that I am a trained dancer, and Yakshagana artist and that I do teach movement in theater  maybe I should have demonstrated my point, that would have probably got an academic discussion going. After all both Ms.Rajan and her partner Mr.Rajendran did insist that they were sharing their experience and we are all blind men of Hindustan.

When Ms.Deshpande tried to get Ms.Anjana Rajan to share some basics,  refrained quoting time as the factor she could get away with it because the question was too generic. If Ms.Deshpande had been specific then Ms.Rajan would have had to answer  one way or the other.

Maybe definite questions like

  • What is this, and where and how I could use it?
  • In this context how does this interpretation work, or do I need to interpret it differently?

Should have been our path of enquiry.

What I have observed is most of us attend these lec-dems with either defiance, or a feeling of superiority, or a feeling of inferiority, if we could say well, this is how the elephant appears to me, like a snake, and how does it appear to you we could put in the various visions and create an elephant albeit the elephant might be very different from the Lord intended it to be.

Why do we not do it,

The answer that popped up was even more embaressing we do not really know what we want to know, for to know what we want to know we need to accept what we know and what we do not know. In simple language it means I need to take stock, do my homework and go with clarity, more importantly I need to have an open mind and a quest to learn.

Thats where most of us goof.

With my ego making me collect a withdrawal from self esteem, let hope at least next time I shall redeem it.


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