Wither dost thou wander?

bleeding india.Wither dost thou wander?



Looks like we take the word revolution quite seriously. The police have turned perpetrator, the media turned vigilante, and the news reporters have taken investigative journalism to newer heights.  Or maybe it is just creative writing

There are a few law students from Hyderabad who are taking an online campaign against the moral police, but why online, maybe because greater number of people empathize there? Being law graduates it should not really be out of their knowledge bank to slap charges against the cops, the photographers and the media.

Actually media, investigative journalism have all become nothing more paid gossiping and vandalism, why are we as a society putting up with this? Does this give us a sense of moral uprightness, that oh! X- Is like this and I am not, I am a cut above?

Or is this about empty minds being devil’s workshop with so many  channel’s mushrooming like an epidemic, definitely we are short of viewers how can one have sensational news 24/7?  I mean news can be breaking news only once in a blue moon, else news is a current event that is ongoing.

Somewhere everything is the big bang theory has breaking news, a showdown, and shout out, then shut up and move on. With the next sensation bombarding, so the viewer does not really assimilate what has happened, there are no checks there are no results visible and no accountability. After all an event like everything has a beginning, a trajectory of flow and the resultant action. But with constant bombardment somewhere the is a fatigue setting in, we become a nation of zombies flying to the dream destination, the dream woven by someone else at that!

Can we stop being zombies and take responsibility for the kind of society we would like to live in? That would mean a lot of unpleasantness as we unlearn old patterns and relearn newer behavior.citizen journalist

Everything in the world has a beginning, a life span and then it decays the cycle of brahma-vishnu-maheshwara, maybe we are now on the brink of dying maybe this was how the human psyche was while it awaited the messiah…

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