cascading curls

Knots and they make cross,

natures braid,
natures braid,

I feel like heralding a decree, “Wanted dead or alive, Rapunzel, for horse thieving, kidnapping, jail breaking and using her hair in a manner other than nature intended!” but Shannon Hale has the copyright for this one.

Just then the door bell rang and a parcel was delivered when I did open it, wow, Tresamme, shampoo and conditioner along with the invite to be ramp ready.  The way I see it Tresamme, is taking the bull by its horn, sending a trail sample to a oriflame distributor, and sunsilk fan.

side bun, I look like a Roman matron!!
side bun, I look like a Roman matron!!

I went through their ramp ready and here it was how to actually shampoo my hair,(I’ll save that one for another blog.)  coaxed my daughters for a month to try out the styles, well they had better things to do, I even offered to be the model.

All my life has been about curly hair, so much so, I agree with Mary Ann Shaffer when says”naturally curly hair is a curse, and don’t ever let any tell you different.” I tried out the curly hair styles,  Athena Braid, my daughter photographed it, I looked like a hippopotamus with a wart.

Athena Braid, can also, cannot also
Athena Braid, can also, cannot also

Then I reckoned that with age my hair is too tired to curl, so I tried the wavy hair ones, the side sweep, not bad, my stodgy neck perfectly disguised, I could manipulate the Grey’s too.  but what the hell, it looked like I had alopecia.

Eventually I went to my old standard hairstyle I’ve had this since 1990  the top knot, to make myself Ramp Ready, I dropped a few ringlets behind my ear, and did the Tressame, messy top knot pull out my new chiffon sari and the delicate diamonds, My daughter did click a few picks, and guess what  now that I have actually got down to sharing this, the Photographs are missing!!

messy top Knot gets better, definitely getting ramp ready
messy top Knot gets better, definitely getting ramp ready

 Symbolical of life, hair pops from our head, like the shoots from the earth. It can be harvested but it emerges again, even after chemo, we alter its color  when we are inclined to do so but with time it would just revert to its natural form just as Nature will in time turn our precisely laid out cities into weed way..

With this profound Epiphany, I accept, despite a great shampoo, I had a vital ingredient missing to be ramp ready and we call it HAIR!! Of course we know the universal truth God a made a few perfect heads and covered the rest with hair.

My attempt at getting ramp ready130428-183916.

  • go to the DIY section of Tressame India
  • choose your hair kind
  • follow the instruction of the expert on shampooing,

For your Ramp ready look browse through

TRESemmé India Youtube channel.


7 responses to “cascading curls”

  1. Hair Trasplant Clinic UK Avatar

    Nice 🙂 all the best for the contest 🙂

  2. kasturi nayak Avatar
    kasturi nayak

    lovely thoughts @ a very good display of curls
    liked this very much

    1. parwatisingari Avatar

      Thanks Aunty, I always look forward for your inputs

  3. shyla Avatar

    Do not bother about any hair styles.Ordinary bob looks good enough.

  4. dr girija a Avatar
    dr girija a

    Who looks at your hair when they see your distracts people from other parts of your body , hair included

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