Battling the dust bunnies

ImageHELP!! I have been invaded, and my house has been taken over by dust bunnies. They have actually up a notice that keeps my guest away. The notice reads “this house is protected by dust bunnies

Who are dust bunnies did you ask, well sometimes they call themselves dust mice. These are small clumps of dust that live under furniture and corners, that evades the daily broom. It’s made of hair, lint, dead skin, spider webs, dust, debris, the static electricity holds all this together. They court the dust mites and other parasites.

Did you know dust bunnies have been used as an analogy for accretion of cosmic material?—or Wikipedia informs me.

My third favorite household chore is washing dishes; I can plan my entire book/murder or even win imaginary conversations when I am doing it. My second favourite household chore is ironing, I can do it as I watch Rizzoli and Isles, or Numbers, but the first one is banging my head until I faint. I am very meticulous with my   house work I sweep with my glance.

The worst thing about housework is nobody notices until you don’t do it, when you do, you are a nag, a control freak. Sometimes I see women with great potential of being Joan of Arc in anther century and climate, threshing herself   to pieces over all the worry of housekeeping.

My mother’s house keeping rule was simple it should be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.

Anyway it is almost two years now since I did my clutter shedding and spring cleaning, somewhere I realized after the first four years dirt does not really get worse, it becomes part of the landscape and after cleaning there is a sense of nudity.

I am from learn it yourself generation, so I browsed the library for a book on household management, and guess what, I discovered there was no book on household management  can never tell you, that is how to begin, or more essentially why to begin!

Well now that my whys and how’s were attended to I actually began the process,  the check list ran

  • Stock chocolates in the refrigerator,
  • Stock ice tea too.
  • Cleaning equipment.
  • Three boxes one to the dumpster, one to the storehouse and one to the donate.

Its three days now, my house is free of dust bunnies, and has had tremendous weight loss, with three large garbage bags of clutter gone out.

Not only I am feeling lighter, my heart and hearth no more feels invaded.

I feel like whispering in my daughters ears,

I like hugs and I like kisses

But what I really love is help with the dishes.

My kitchen board now says, don’t feed the dust bunnies by the order of the house fairy.


4 responses to “Battling the dust bunnies”

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  3. chaitanya Avatar

    Nice read! I like your mom’s housekeeping rule! We took the easy way out of cleaning the house and carpeted all our floors. Now we only vacuum when one of us starts itching.
    Just kidding!
    We only vacuum when BOTH of us start itching 🙂

    1. parwatisingari Avatar

      yehi hai right choice baby

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