who bells the cat

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laws alone are not enough, there is a power in every individual and collective action to challenge habits, norms, and cultures that perpetuate violence. One person adds up to million, one million adds up to a change.

How would I ring the bell?

The first bell would be to accept what ever is out-of-place, the education system, the politics, the bureaucracy whatever. believe me no one wants to accept responsibility for what is happening around, it is always the person before or the british, or now the Americans. Like

  • The citizen’s awareness blogs I write.
  • The citizen’s responsibility newsletter we have for teenagers.
  • Registering the complaint about unhealthy advertisements by fastrack that hinders our AID’s prevention camp.

ImagePromise “I can no longer stay quiet in this world, I have a voice and I feel it reverberate off my internal walls, making its slow climb upward until its melody can be heard all around.”
― Elin Stebbins Waldal

The second bell  would be an awareness program, particularly when people talk about abolishing child marriage, sex with a minor is a criminal offense yet we have movies where high school children are shown romancing, we have programs on channel V where kids in uniforms are shown having adult sexual pattern, this becomes acceptable, giving rise to multiple sexual partners, oral or whatever contraception, that mess up the body physiology and other issues. So if we say no to child marriage we say NO to any serial or movie that shows teenage sexual activity however subtly it is done.

The third bell would be work on our political system, to take interest in our local administration, creating a stronger Panchayat, making sure that primary health, and primary education should be care of the Panchayat, it would mean our tax  becomes worthy investment. This of course is total blog in itself. Again my experience is with migration people who are schooled become rootless, and irresponsible while the semi literate and illiterate either blend with the new soil or transplant their ethos.

indiblogger 1What  action will I take to bring violence against women to a halt? Well NOTHING,  except inform the women’s cell that there could be chances of violent events,for even God helps them who help themselves. But yes, once someone, has decided that they need help and stretched their hands to ask for help, that’s when  we are there. We have a cell for emotional support, at Margao, where we let the patient recuperate, then create a life plan and start working towards it, at this stage we have a system in place that consists of

My experience with people is they are in denial, then there are excuses unfortunately it is followed by great  fury and self hate.

Do I want to be part of a revolution, a change, well not unless I can change myself. I have to take responsibility, I have to take action, and I must have the integrity to carry only then can I transform or inspire another to change and the wave of revolution can begin.

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