dhimaag ki ghanti bhajao.

indiblogger 1Ringing the bell to prevent crime against women, is just not enough, it starts with a very deep disturbance in the cultural ethos.

We are in an environment where woman has become an object of possession to bartered, or battered. This is of course a contention of domestic violence. But there is something more,

Look at the movies, the serials, the advertisement they all show, an abusive male,

Women seeking approval from peers,

Women hooking the most coveted boyfriend after using the product,

We have made woman the trophy.

With the shift to personality culture, grab the eyeball is the key. Get the attention no matter what. We are into group thinks,

Advertisements work like peer opinion guidelines, particularly for the teenagers and preteens, if you do notice most advertisement are targeted to the, giving them lifestyle ideals, lesbianism, cougar traits etc.

In a research conducted, a group of individuals were given a problem. 95%provided the right answers. Next actors were planted and they gave the wrong answers loudly and clearly and confidently after which the rate of right answers dropped by 25%.

This about peer pressure, this changes the view of the problem the mind does not consciously think well, the answer may be A but since majority of the people go with A so shall I , nor does it go like I want the group to like me, what happens is people go along with the group because they thought hey had arrived at the same correct answer serendipitously.

The peer  opinion here is created very subtly by a group of advertisers, who are looking at a shock value, or those script writers who writing railway romances themselves.

Shutting of the TV or PIL’s are giving them unnecessary importance, one way to tackle this is viewer censorship. That is the viewers lodge a complaint with www.ibindia.com.

the baksheesh given by a king to his favourite dancing girl, has now turned to audience gifting cash to school performers spontaneously, i am talking not of academics but of stage performers, and sports performers,

the raining of money at dance competitions at favourite contestants, these create an unhealthy environment, where the individual becomes an object.

citizen journalistHow and when we are going to tackle this I do not know but unless we do, particularly with the advertisement and violence in movies, these trends are only going to increase.

If you notice I am rewriting the same material, hoping that someone will sit up and take notice. With all that hype about Jiah Khan no one hauls the doctor who treated her for the first abuse  for not reporting, it is assault.


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