the cat calls–ring the bell

indiblogger 5The campaign is about domestic violence.

The church bell rings when the town is in danger.

The rats think of belling the cat to become aware of danger.

For me ringing the bell is more about becoming aware of something that needs attention. Over the past week I have been hearing hysteria over Modi. And how Modi heralds danger.

To me Modi is irrelevant in this article. Because Modi does not need to prove himself, he already has. My concern is just because media perceives Modi as whatever the bogyman of today the society is become irrational. Worse my conversation with people on my weekend journeys from Goa-Mumbai-Goa suggested that Modi is the man of the mass, so why are Media and the so called urban intelligentsia trying to prove otherwise.

The bell rings here at the western influenced ideology, I don’t even know it is western influenced, let me not try to label people.

This is the excerpts from the magazine,

Re: Stop the Modi-fication of India—Emma Ruby-Sachs – <>;

This weekend, a crucial decision will be made on the future of India 

Right now, Modi is the likely PM choice for the BJPsecuring a victory for the most extreme elements of the party and putting a man who watched over the murder of hundreds of Indians in broad daylight, into power. The JD (U) can draw a line in the sand and declare they will break with Modi’s party, but they’re being lobbied hard to stay. We can ensure they make the right choice for India and tell the BJP to dump Modi.

The Janata Dal (United) is meeting to make that decision. Let’s urgently drown out the BJP’s call and help the JD (U) split from Modi’s bloody past for good. Click below to send your message directly to the JD (U):

They are calling him the most extreme element of the party, we can ensure they make a right choice, excuse me, there are people strewn all over congress with criminal backgrounds, we don’t talk about that. Rajeev Gandhi benefits from Bofors, Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law land scams, you name it, and it is there, the massacre of Sikhs in the operation bluestar, the massacre of our jawans at the border every time the going gets tough for congress, why don’t our intelligentsia talk about that.

Emma, even Kasab was there for donkey’s years kept alive, until he got too embarrassing for the congress then they furtively killed him. The party is within its right to lobby for a man they think has the vision.

The increase in crime rate, the increase in terrorist activity, none of these are Modi’s responsibility.

The INTERNAL PARTY DEMOCRACY has voted Modi, it is their privilege.

The largest democracy will honestly or under pressure or with peer pressure deliver a verdict in 2014,

By the way Ms.Emma Ruby Sachs, kindly take a walk and see what the man has achieved in Gujarat he is commendable.

We are fighting tobacco addiction, ITC I wish could be banned but  their refrain, the tobacco farmers will be out of jobs, Modi, has created alternates for tobacco farmers. The unorganized sector of labour, women in Gujarat, ran the NGO women out, they said schooling and education was not their problem their concern was someone to look after their kids and senior citizens when they were at work. Modi has created a support facility for that.

democracyGive him a challenge he works round it for a solution that benefits the Guajarati’s that’s Modi.

As I said when I started out, my blog is not about Modi, I am ringing the bell, about us becoming intolerant we have arrived at the mindset of my way or the highway, we are being so preset in out notions.

“Those who will not reason are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.”  Saud George Gordon Byron, unfortunately most Indians fall in one of this category.


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