Warnin’ bells.

citizen journalistRing the bell,

Ringing the bell, have you ever thought of it?

It heralds, some one coming in. The person may not be welcome, yet we are good hosts. Because of who we are.

Yet ringing the bell means, be alert. Watch out, danger ahead.

The past two days I have been at the media and human development seminar at the international center goa. We have pander, pondered and plastered issues. But one thing that really struck me was the government pop-prop the Ladli Lakshmi and the Griha something program.

On one  end was Jyothi  talking about a good product, wrapped up so much that it is lost in a maze of red tape.  On the other the hand was the women’s commission director who said despite the dole being for women majority of the women get the form filled by their husbands and the husbands submit it and not the woman! So what empowerment are we talking about?

Why am I writing this in ring the bell?stop_women_abuse

To raise the alarm of our missing daughters

Those killed due to female infanticide.

Those who drop out of school,

Those who are kidnapped and sold into the sex industry

Those who are kidnapped to be surrogate mothers.

Those who are kidnapped for the organs.

Now we have the newer incentives, the  one lakh, gift from the government to the girl child for her marriage, so make sure that she is not a burden to her parents.



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