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What makes an entrepreneur?

In his book innovation and entrepreneurship: Practise and principles Peter.F.Drucker says, entrepreneurship rests on a theory of economy and society. The theory see change as normal as indeed as healthy and it sees the major task in society and especially in the economy as doing something different from doing something better what is already being done.

But currently I would look at it like an enterprising spirit, this evolves from many inspirations like may be the basic one of a need to survive, or maybe the like Arunachalam Murugananatham to make life a little comfortable for a loved one.

Like the little boys of Maharashtra who revived an ancient water way they had no helps from NGO’s or government their they used available indigenous raw material. From barren lands, that faced issues like nomadism  the first year brought enough onions for domestic market, then the onions went to the town today the village is self-reliant in jowar, Lakhodi, local vegetables and onions. The Nomads have settled and the schools flourish.

Interestingly the government now is creating a hazzle for these boys, and NGO’s want to sponsor them. The boys have categorically refused help from NGOs.

There was Munniyamma, who was the wife of the man who did the supervision of our house construction. With construction activity everywhere, she used her kitchen initially to provide tea for other workers, gradually she graduated to providing lunch. By time our house was done she had a tidy business going on. Not to mention running an unofficial unemployment bureau.

Another little boy who stood outside our hostel he started with ten packets of three roti’s and some aloo sabzi he would vend what his mother cooked. Eventually his family supplied lunch for about 15 students. It was enough for them to make a living.

The hospital at goa, had no place where patients relatives could go, what started with a washroom the enterprising women have an entire home hospitality business, they provide bathing space, space to wash the clothes and dry them, emergency supplies like soap, plate and a glass. Not to mention nighties and lunch.

When the air-conditioned malls came up with their vegetable counters people assumed that the small business would be hit, they were, but the growers the farmers, just sit at the corner of their field under a shade, and vend the vegetables right off the field.

indiblogger franklin templetonBasically what I am trying to say, is what Arunachalam proves, the investment one requires in an enterprise, is heart, soul vision and persistence. Its sad many people have serious academic degrees but cannot find a job, and sadly their degrees are so limited that they can’t even think of how to create a job for themselves.

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