Product experience

indiblogger ambipurI am a biker, to me buses and cars are claustrophobic. Though I do travel with my family on long drives, somehow the  stale fragrance of sweat and car deodorant kind of triggers the puke reflex in me.

When Ambipur sent its sample, I chose the sky breeze. this was great. All the same there were some essentials that helped me handle my puke challenge.

  • The kids and I had to go slow on fragrances,
  • The best way out was all of us used a neutral no perfumed deodorant.
  • Leave the car windows down for about 10mnts, every 45 mnts of the drive.

The only major grouse I have against the product which really gives the feel of open air is that it does not stay stable on a Tata Indica vent. I am forced to leave it on the dashboard causing it to fall off very often.

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