Family Travel pack

ImageIf I could take my family to any place on the planet where would it be?

The most important question that  I ask how would you define family is it vasudaiva kutumbakamJim Butcher might retort “when everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching – they are your family.”

Actually that is interesting considering where I want to go and where my family would want to go would be different.

Mother? would want to go where her siblings are; after all she is done with globetrotting.

Parents in law—to kurukshetra.

Kids, visiting list is just as diverse as mine, Disney land, aurora borealis, the equator, the Greenwich meridian, the ocean bed walk, dandeli tiger reserve, Mysore temple, ooty, kodaikanal, konark, temple, Kanyakumari. The list seems so endless.

Okay let’s go by Ekta Kapoor’s greater family,

Maybe taking my mother-in-law to a trip that she has been hankering for, to kedarnath would be a good idea. I have actually spoken to Yatra people for this. The biggest challenge is her age. After meticulous scrutiny of various sites, discussions with various touts I figured the ideal way to handle this is the ITDC tours or Uttaranchal tourism. With helicopter facility. Ensuring the darshan, and a safe return. The following year it would be going on the trip with mom.

I would plan the details, try to have things in place, but happiness, is not my onus, for happiness is a state of being.

Or may

I’ll take a trip ,on a sailing ship and make my way to Jamaican bay.

I’m sad to say, I’m on my way and won’t be back for many a day.

 for indiblogger Yatra contest


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