Issue challenged,


It is politically incorrect to say, “Mentally retarded” we say “mentally challenged” like I am vertically and horizontally challenged, TOI is issue challenged, or is very picky about it readers…

This morning I did something which I rarely do, that reading the TOI I am amazed at the mundane matters that it perceives newsworthy!

When everyone and his wife is screaming purple about the woman being hacked at the ATM, TOI discreetly tucks it in the 9th place.

The issue that merits to receive the front page headline, is that  13% of MBA’s are unemployed, in India ,the global statistics for unemployed MBA’s is 10%,   and some equally boggling statistics for Engineers. The paper ponders over the absence of “US- companies in the campus interviews” and an increase in  Japanese companies there. Causes cited were

  • Recession
  • Visa issues


The IIT-ian is smart, he learns Japanese, because they are the ones coming in at the campus interviews, oh! Some even prepare themselves for local jobs!!- Of course one does appreciate their kind sacrifice in contributing to the Indian work force. 

At the end of the IIT, IIM and maybe even AIMS, trains graduate for US, so why subsidize, when these so-called cream of Indian intellect are anyway planning their relocation?

citizen journalistI do concede, that the journey to the corridors of IIT, IIM, AIMS supports, a bustling industry of “coaching classes” with CCTV, counselors, mind trainers, whatever, but when there are sectors with jobs for crying we have no one there, and we use our resources, human, intellectual, physical and financial to create a blue collared Babu’s who are paid lower than the their American and European counterparts

Maybe the techies in Bangalore and Pune will shift their kids from Maple leaf American kiducation centre to Nippon something or the other kindergarten. But hello Techies, the Japs don’t believe in mom doing the homework or outsourcing school projects. The school kids are required to clean the toilets by turns.


4 Replies to “Issue challenged,”

  1. i’m sorry.. i have read ur post 3 times now, and dont quite understand the point yet. are you saying that iit iim education should not be subsidised? i agree with that to some extent. however, coming from one such insti myself, and then being in touch with the mba education sector somewhat, let me tell u that iims are the only institutes that truly transform at least a few lives with their education. The subsidy is not for the general category. it is for those who come from underprivileged backgrounds and who use this education as the transformational phase of their lives. for them, the lack of subsidy will mean the lack of access to an education.

    1. Excuse me if my blog offended you. My point is we have an education system that does not address our job vacancies.
      Also that we are so focused on the entrance exams that we have actually forgotten the relevance of exams.
      Kids are not bothered about subjects, they are bothered about which college. That to me does not make sense.

  2. i agree that many pass-outs of IITs and IIMs opt to go abroad even when they have the choice of staying back and still lead comfortable lives and I totally agree that a big industry has emerged out of Indians’ obsession with IITs. But compared to the past during 80s and early 90s when efflux was more than 70%, the rate has progressively gone down, mostly due to opening up of opportunities at home. There are many who stay back and there are many who come back and try to make a difference

    1. Thanks for the input, many of them do come back in my cynical observation only to a make a difference in their lives. Of course there are genuine prodigals who return maybe because they find their calling elsewhere.
      My concern is we not opportunities opening in India but the lack of Indians skilled or trained to handle the jobs that need to done in India.

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