Yoga,Tablet and Me.

Query from Lenovo–How is your everyday life with a tablet…? responses on AS FOR ME:

tabletI wondered tablet… excuse me… I know I am middle aged, and attached to a hospital either as a doctor or as a patient, but that did not justify this question I reckoned.

Before you assume that I am Alice who fell into the rabbit hole, you need to understand my association with tablet.

Haa, yaaralli, nanna tablet tanni,” that kind of translates to whoever around there get me my tablets. I used to see the nice round colourful pills either in bottles or a strip enclosed. Once the strip was over, the wrapper was used to scrub the soot off the vessel. I guess this is the tablet that the dictionary defines as a small usually round piece medicine.

So a yoga tablet in this context is extremely painful, considering the creaking joints, and leaking let’s not mention what.

tabletsWhen I went to school, we learnt the great Egyptian civilization, and then we learnt that Egyptians wrote on tablets, of course visualizing a scribe scribbling so meticulously was beyond our comprehension. (Just to clear any doubts, this was an era before Google search) The Tell Me Why series—had a picture of a tablet, and the scribe scribbling this was inspiring, thus began an era of honest self expression on not a flat piece of stone, but wood these are preserved to the date by KMC manipal anatomy department as relics of a bygone era. The tablet has unfortunately been labelled as graffiti on the classroom table.

Just to be sure I looked up the meaning of tablet in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The dictionary added another meaning a set of paper sheets for writing or drawing that are glued or fastened at one edge. Now this somehow did not fit in the environment of yoga and my conventional image of the word tablet. I am willing to concede using tablets over tombs but as paper??  I dispense tablets, communicating the prescription on a tablet…. so that my patient does land under a tablet…would be true.. Let’s turn tablets, I mean tables to the current manifestation.

Since the question is popped up by Lenovo, my mundane understanding concludes that it is something to do with computers, I call on Prajyot  from, now Prajyot is a well brought up boy; he knows not to laugh at uneducated nearly senior citizens. He told me tablets were something for people on the move.

Here’s what I understood from what he said.

Those tablets were essentially an operating system, it was a software program. Tablets had no keypads and operated by touch. Tablets had storage facility, which were expandable using memory cards. When compared to a laptop or desktop it had less storage and less function. Yet was useful for people on the go.(an image of pill popping did emerge which I had to deliberate put away.) They were tablets of 3 kinds. It allowed people to read books or function on the social media.lennovo

  • With 3G SIM that allowed one to make calls.
  • With WiFi nexus
  • Has no connectivity. It is either for reading,or data storage It is stand alone.—this is nearly obsolete.

logoWith this information, actually I figured that the Lenovo yoga tablet may be an interesting gizmo, I can read, write, talk, walk all at once..hmm…Maybe I should indulge in the Lenovo offer…or should I not? Maybe I should opt for a phablet 🙂

The query has assigned to Arunab Goswami for the question hour.

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