Whose’s funeral is it anyway?

My husband I decided to watch the evening news.

The headline screamed,”Arushi murder parents convicted.” The glowing teenager’s snap popped up. Then there was Bacchi Kakaria, some other journalists all dissecting the issues.

They are absolutely sure that the culprits are the parents despite of acknowledging that the evidence is circumstantial. Whatever be, if the parents have done the motive must have been very very strong provocation or it could have been accidental.

The press clipping shows Drs.(Mr. and Mrs.)Talwar. Dr.Mr.Talwar’s brother taking a stance, the CBI person saying something the journo’s with their picture perfect painted face passing comments and judgement in the most glamorous way they can.

Then there are the clippings of the candles light by very urban definitely upper middle class peers of Arushi, some social diva’s with banners and candles once again ”Justice for Arushi”

Sadly except when declaring the title everyone seemed to have forgotten Hemraj the other victim. Obviously he must be having a family that grieves for him. They might have a take on who killed their brethren. But Hemraj does not make a glamorous picture unless he is Arushi’s predator or he had a physical relationship with her. Still less important is  his grieving family. Don’t they deserve to be acknowledged? Don’t require a closure too?

Can we as a nation take a minute and pray that his soul rests in peace. While the media and CBI can continue Talwar Baazi, and Talwars in turn can go on a quest to their closure..


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