Awaiting Yogi-Ta

tippaSomewhere in the deep archives of memory there is a story about a very flamboyant old sister who got attention at the cost of her younger one. it never occurred to me that sandwiched between a first born star older sister and a younger brother my  heroine I do not remember her name but lets call her Susan which was one of Enid Blyton’s favorite names.

Susan, in her effort to please her parents learnt typing. She then wrote stories which she meticulously mailed to the press under a pseudonym after a couple of rejects she did manage to get her story published regularly. She then bails her family out during a financial need, emerging as the hidden star.

Being bang in the middle of four achievers girl cousins, and four “boys” myself image was modelled along Susan. I learnt to type on Remington machine, at the local typing school. I then shifted to a portable Tippa typewriter that my dad got back from UK. This was with me until Y2K. I called my Tippa as typsiwriter, as she supported my scientific report writing and story writing. I did use the “Manipal School of Typing ” typewriters to write my articles in Kannada.

desktopIn the year Y2K my husband returned from Portugal and I was introduced the desktop. That’s when my poor tipsywriter got banished and buried without a eulogy. For a person like me who is absolutely challenged when it came to grammar, the Desktop was magic, the red and green lines alerting to me the spell-ill’s that I typed. From publishing articles I moved to a world of blogs, emails, now twitter and Facebook.

From overhead projectors, I switched to PowerPoint’s at workshops and discussions. Sometimes I use it for patient education too.  I discovered the….. Gosh I have forgotten what that was called. Oh! Yes floppy, then came the CD’s and eventually pen drives.

lenovo Lenny my Lenovo laptop entered my life in 2010 giving me freedom though on a leash called data-card,camera etc. It’s like these pups ever faithful. But Lenovo tells me that pup has aged and needs to slow down. But I still have to lug a data card for my broadband, a camera for those pictures then put them all together.

lennovoAs I see the Yogi-ta(b) that’s what I plan to call my  Yogi-Tablet, I have drifted into a trance, of creative visualization. I see myself with Yogi-tab until death do us apart. I pop her into my trendy Ritu Beri bag, click photographs of the Mangroves along Santa Cruz, as I wait for my daughter I can truly do what I want, chat with friends, check mail, complete my blog. Design my patient’s bridge, or counsel a patient.

logoI maybe this exhilaration is what a bird feels when it flies the freedom, the power of the unfettered, The true YOGIC power.

Written for Yoga Tablet A#better way is here:


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