Lal batti.

lalbatti-2The great Indian divide, I mean the debate about lalbatti the red light—before you smirk the red light on the vehicle of so-called elite.

  • It’s the raj relic,
  • Its elitist

Whatever the comment, the way Arnab went on and on about how kids got delayed to school I am convinced that yesterday morning Arnab Goswami’s kid did get delayed.

Acidic attacks apart, if you are a diligent driver in India you will notice that we are great at cutting lanes and corners as if there were invisible lalbatti’s that allowed us the privilege.

lalbattiThere many streets where you need to turn to the left on the main road, travel upstream till you find the circle or signal where you can turn into the right side so that you could go in the direction you want. I have seen drivers particularly the scootorists and the motorcyclist turning right breaking rules and turning into the signal to the right lane, this could save a few minutes, it also breaks a few rules and creates a potential for an accident.

At a T junction when we have to take the right, we just cut in without even bothering to access the right lane, this way we save a few minutes, and effectively block the free left which is could be the right of the other driver. Oh! Yes we don’t even bother to reduce the speed no wonder orthopedicians and neurologists thrive in this country.citizen journalist

Look at the lalbatti-wallah as an honest citizen, he is proclaiming to the country at large, “I don’t obey rules” so we take our precautions, it’s the invisible lalbatti-wallah who is the danger and that would mean sou mein se ninyanbe. Or as a throw back on the feudal India where the arrival of the Royalty would preceded by the courtier heralding”someone or the other, something or the other, ke raajkumar padaar rahe hain.”

3 Replies to “Lal batti.”

  1. I strongly feel SC judges would have shown the way by not using the red lights themselves. But they are in the list of dignitary who can use red light that too with a flasher!

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