The mango flavour.

we chatIt was the alumni weekend at manipal I met a friend who had done her engineering from KREC and currently resides abroad. She was appreciating how focused her class fellows had become. She was impressed that they were planning their kid’s studies undergraduate at that abroad, albeit with one person it was Ireland. No offense meant but it talks of an attitude of the so-called educated class of the country. the steps to success–

  1. Do engineering.
  2. Take up a job that links you to some Whiteman’s land.
  3. Dual citizenship and invest in property in India, (preferably the agricultural ones you know its value is tremendous on conversion.)

Okay, our education system is not like the west.  So how do you reckon we can make it on par? Though I am not sure why we should have a system that is Occident friendly instead creating skills and knowledge required to enhance our country.

The fundamental criteria for choosing a subject and career stream is not the child’s interest, or even talent, the sole criteria is does the qualification get him/her a job abroad, preferably in the west. What I am trying to say is our education has alienated us from ourselves. We refuse to repay our society, for what it has given us; neither do we care enough to have a vision for our country and our future we know we have slave lords who can hire us.

That is India’s greatest dishonour her progeny does not think her worth nurturing, we see no future for our country.

Every movie, serial that is “patriotic/nationalistic” will show a politician, a foreign villain. But we refuse to accept that put the politician there.

If Russians have taken over Morjim, we have let them like we are giving Gokarna to them on a platter.

election2014The mango flavour this season is a hope in the sense an attempt by the citizens to take responsibility. since most of the people who have thrown the glove are educated some with a MBA or some administrative degree to the boot it would be interesting to pin them down to create a vision a larger one for the country, I mean a vision board that we put up with execution plan with a timeline for the next 5yrs. One for each portfolio.

I really wonder if we can demand it? something along this line.

  • what is the portfolio allotted to each person.
  • what does his/her vision board for the 5yrs look like.– this should be public.
  • what is the work-ability in real-time.– regular progress accountability should be available online or through RTI.
  • what are the funding sources?

citizen journalistAfter all a vision board is the plan to success and that’s what we are looking at.

Before leaving you with this stuff, maybe we need to create our vision with regard to our country and ourselves.

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