chalo-vote karo

indiavotesIndia votes 2014,

And how would I inspire and mobilize the youth to vote in the 2014 election.

I remember Michael Fernandes the father of George Fernandes; he was a 6ft. plus man who was tortured during the emergency that he was on wheel chair. In that condition he went from school to school, particularly the high school and +2’s sharing with them a vision of India to come, and what each one of us could do to achieve it.

it made us feel responsible towards the society, and country.

That would be the ideal thing to do.

election2014With GoaDesc. That is diligently working towards educating the educated irresponsible, about panchayat, good governance. Our step one would be,

  • Net work young adults create a vision board for their panchayat, state and country such that none of them get compromise. This should include
    • What is missing in their home zone that is what would they like have in their home zone, I mean basic amenities and not malls and movie halls.
    • Why do they think they don’t have it now?
    • How do will they go about getting.
    • Does the agenda of the current representative meet their local needs? If not who is the alternate.

Social media would be the greatest way to tackle this. When I say vision I do not mean stupid things like jobs for all, or computers for all, I want the kids to know this their country they have the power to create and destroy the man or the woman at the parliament is just their representative so they need to put someone who keeps their back safe.

Use radio mirchi or other FM my vision and plan of action to achieve it, again panchayat-state-country format.

Use TV channels where the representatives give a working plan and accountability.

we chatThe actual plan of action would be.

  • We chat—wassup blurbs on “my vision of the country that I would like to live in.”             The winners will interact with the potential political representatives on social media, may be TV or youtube.
    • What are the civic amenities my village needs, photographs would be welcome.
    • What do I like the best of about my village and state.
    • Next set of blurbs, — what has the representative done so far? Has it contributed to the village goal?

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