Us People.

kejriwalI have been listening to Arvind Kejriwal’s eloquent presentation at the house.

He runs the same Roman Horse track albeit in a modern automobile. But it is still us and them….

It is the “aam aadmi’s victory.” He hollered. ”we challenged to come to the parliament and get things done our way.” This Mr.Kejriwal as a Politician you should know is what democracy is about. Election means to send someone who represents us, our needs, our vision it is sad that it has become us and them.we chat

Our attitude is us and them, ruler and ruled. But we need to realize that it is not us and them when we take representation to the politician he is not doing us a favor we are only exercising our right. For we have put him there to see that our lives run in a smooth organized way.

We Are Of The People By The People For The People.

indiavotesThis essentially translates that we have sent someone it is US  From Us For Us!! If we need to ensure that our community benefits the first step would be to

  • Ensure decentralization. Tax paid at our panchayat for the needs and development of our  panchayat by the residence of our panchayat,
  • Creation of school zone.

It is time to see which one of the political party offers us this, if not we create our representation. This is why we see an emerging scenario of regional parties.

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