The Plebeian beacons.

public transportEarlier when I traveled to Margao or Vasco using the shuttle. It was very strictly sitting passengers only. There were no pass holders so no one dashed to you out of the ticket vending coup.

Last semester while travelling to Vasco occasionally there would be a passenger standing.

But this time round I see standing passengers one or two routinely. Yesterday the 8.30am to Vasco had six standing passenger, of which one was a woman, who insisted on standing beside me and falling all over while she had a loud conversation with my neighbor. when I asked her did the bus allow standing passengers, she replied”No, but I don’t mind standing.”

It did not occur to her she may not mind standing, but someone else did mind her leaning on them. The very purpose of paying extra for a shuttle was to avoid this.

I know I sound petty minded, but think about this in 10mnts, occasional single passenger has evolved to everyday single passenger and sometimes six. Before we know what is happening this will overflow like the local bus. Because Mr or Ms. Busyindividual does not mind standing!!

citizen journalistI wonder who is responsible for this

  • The ticket vendor who hands the ticket saying”standing aah, instead of shutting the counter.”
  • The “iambusy” person who is focused only his/herself this by the way is passive lalbatti.
  • The driver who accommodates the passenger.
  • We the passengers who passively accept this, in out mistaken wrap of being understanding.

If a single passenger protests along with the standing passenger, the other travelers and the driver turn round and accuse you of being inconsiderate. We don’t even know what that word means anymore.

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