Backing Sumitra Kamble.

milaap 2Sumitra Kamble–

Sumitra Kamble is a resident of Ghataprabha in Belgaum district like other former Devadasi women, unschooled; illiterate she sustains her family by raising buffaloes. This makes ends meet, sending her two children to school, but that is a challenge in itself. Sometimes she gets anxious for any new challenge would be a financial strain. She would like to change things for the better. Something that will ensure financial security.

The aging buffaloes need care, she has the will and the enterprise to expand her of course needs financial aid. This would help her increase her saving and expand.

Bhagavya kamble, champa Mayanayar, Champa Kamble and Jayashree Lambugol join her in this mission. Their lives are parallel, and stories mirroring one another.

The Mission is to add more buffaloes, goats and increase production leading to increased sale.

To make a success of their venture they would require more than just the money, they would require a lot of know how. These know how would also come with a cost, when I say cost I mean time resources and of course finance.

  1. They would need to put their ideas together, see how relevant it is, and what is the intrinsic value.
  2. Then plan the project.
  3. There would legal issues, it is better to start on the right foot.
  4. This is the point where finances step in. the operation has to adequately designed and operated.
  5. Then communication, that is reaching the target market.
  6. Building up a network of successful collaborations.

Here is where I invite each one sit back and take toll, how can I contribute to the cause of Sumitra Kamble, cash or kind? If I were to teach her how to deal with basic animal husbandry then she will be saving on charges of a Vet, the knowledge would give empower her to deal with day-to-day challenges more confidently. The same goes for every aspect.

milaapBeing illiterate she would have challenges in helping her children who are first generation learners contributing to their support system again financially or otherwise.

Together we could make our society a mutually that supports each other by stepping in with our strengths to overcome another weakness. The fabric of the society then gets woven instead of shredded.

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