The Lalchoodi’s at Goa

choodaArunab has been screaming hoarse about lalbatti on the television.

It is time we in Goa protested against the Lalchoodi.

Wondering what I am talking about are you? as such the tourists on scooters ridding on the footpath’s existing ones in Panjim and non-existent ones in Porvorim are a pain, but these are worse.

Imagine the scenario, 5pm-6pm the Kadamba bus-stop you are tackling  a footpath bustling with strollers for want of better work to do, some walking briskly to the next transport. A gaggle coming home from work individuals, then there is the whole motorcade of fathers reading the news paper waiting to pick their kids up. Long distances buses set to leave the place are a melee of mad hatter’s party.

Amidst these descends taxi’s of couples typically the youngish guy is pulling the trolley bags, the girl has a backpack so does the guy actually, a hat, clad in three quarter pants and a I love Goa T-shirt the girls hands are done up with Mehendi right up to the elbow if you can spot it through the wrist to elbow red bangles intercepted with a few white ones here and there. The couple get off the car NOT towards the footpath on the left but to the right…. into….the swarm of traffic.

Last evening I told one such couple “Please use the footpath”

The girl goes “Hindi mein bolo, ” I retorted “I do not speak Hindi girl, do you know Konkani?”(Of course I used my best fake American accent.)

The guy replies”yeah toh goa hai!!” now I am yet to figure out whether Goans are exempted from speaking Konkani or whether people are exempted following road rules in Goa!!

It is not just the bus stand. When you enter a restaurant  for a peaceful lunch particularly Bhojan, you have this swarm of people yelling on the phone like it is their living room typically ”mein Goa mein hoon, I shall meet you on Tuesday in the meanwhile get XYZ things done.”

At canapé the youngsters sprawl on the sofa like it is their bedroom, and someone is clicking photographs conversation, is loud punctuated with foul language aren’t other dinners entitled to some respect?  The Justification is that they are on a holiday, so what the other dinners may not be. If it is the Lalchoodi gang then ‘photo nikhal’ without qualifying it with a please as if being at Goa for a honeymoon entails them to barge into everyone’s space.

When will we learn some decorum? I am getting old or is it that subsequent generations are getting more and more unruly?

2 Replies to “The Lalchoodi’s at Goa”

  1. Tourists in Goa will be under assumption that the state belongs to tourists and all people there are on a holiday, sadly it hardly occurs to us outsiders that Goa is not just for vacation…

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