How old are we?

sardar patel

How old are we?


The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history – George Orwell said this, coming to think of this it is quite true. If I were to step into the shoes of any historical figure it would be Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Yes, the forgotten Iron man of India.


I wish I could quote Arthur Conan Doyle and say” what you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what you can make people believe you have done” well the truth is what Sardar did was of consequence…


The most effective way to destroy people is deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history, ask anyone on the street, they will tell you that India is 3000 yr. Old civilization. We are not; we are only some 70 odd years old. The geographic expanse of modern India is the creation of the British, and Mohandas Karmachand Gandhi executed by Sardar Vallabhai Patel, this was the very thing that I would not do. Simply because emotionally, culturally we are not meant to be bonded to together.  The conversation would probably be something like this:


At the residence of the viceroy, sipping whatever Lord Mountbatten,


“Mr.Gandhi, how can a responsible country like Britain leave the country in such a mess?”


“what do you suggest your excellency.”


Later in the evening at the ashram, a conversation between Patel, and Gandhi


“Mahatmaji, what would you want me to do.”


“Patel, the british has built us a strong india we need to keep it unified. ”


“Do you realize the implication of this, a country so vast, with diverse history and geography, a people that constantly fought each other, do you really want to bring them  under an umbrella ?”


“we are looking at British India, other princely states ruled by the British will join us. After all we have the same history”


“with due respect Mahatma, we have the same history but our stories are at conflict with one another, the united India is but the creation of the Britisher.”


If could step into Sardar Vallabh bhai Pstels shoes with the knowledge and understanding of today without being overtly obedient to Gandhi I would refuse to do this. Say for whatever reason I did see sense- in this nonsense I would not step down from the prime minister ship for Nehru who was a blatant stooge of British. Talking about Nehru and Gandhi like how it is with all legends the greater they sound more must’ve got left out!!indispire_170x110


At the end of the history is a set of lies agreed upon. The historians of post independent India like to say that Gandhi was the critical factor of gaining independence, Patel consolidated it geographically and Nehru the visionary lead it to its thrust with destiny.


Personally with regard to history and historians I think BC means before coffee.






4 Replies to “How old are we?”

  1. I’m sorry to say but you seem to be seriously misled or misinformed about India’s history
    I would never agree that “Integration of India” was Sardar’s mistake, nor he was just following Gandhi’s orders. At the same time Gandhi’s role is undeniably significant in making of united and independent India.
    If you have not read already, I’d advice to read Ramchandra Guha’s books like “India After Gandhi” to know India better. After all history is not just about facts (or lies) but to understand the continues and discontinuities in society through events happened

    1. 🙂 I honour your point of view but stand by mine.
      I have read India after Gandhi, Srujanmora, and I take the stand that we are a 70 yr. old country we are can not be clumped under one heading. I have been brought up by grandparents who were part of the independence struggle my view of the then era is coloured by their views, books written by Naintara saigal, VijayaLakhmi Pandit. When Sardar annexed states there was commitment made most of them are not honored. When we say History it is always whose history? and whose point of view. Maybe you should read Mihir Sharma. Maroof Raza it will give you another view of what is happening.

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