Honouring life changes.–The wisdom of fear.

other womanHonouring life changes.

The wisdom of fear.

Remember Asterix and the Norman Conquest. where the Vikings come down to learn the meaning of fear. It did bring about humor. But seriously, anything really worth doing in our lives will always have some fear attached to it. changing careers, letting my baby fly, all these are scary.

In a way it is stock taking do I really want this change in life?

It also reminding that releasing and grieving the past is necessary part of moving into the new. Yet fear has a way of throwing us off-balance, making us feel uncertain and insecure but it is not meant to discourage us. Somewhere fear tells us we are at the edge of our comfort zone, a point between old life and a new one. maybe we should honor our fear, recognizing its arrival , listen to its intelligence and respect it as a harbinger of transformation.

For me it was at the hospital after the burns, the fear, the uncertain drove me crazy I had become cranky and difficult after the three days of anesthetic  haze, then it dawned that I was worried about having to undergo surgery,  I was scared of I do not know what. At that moment suddenly there was this comprehension,” this moment will flow through, it hurts now it will either increase or decrease in the next few moments and some moment it has to cease. ”

Maybe a conversation with the fear, plumbing to its depths for a greater understanding of the change that we are making, could help.

The next issue was how does one actually converse with ones fears. For me morning pages worked. A few minutes of meditation followed with journaling my worries, sadness, excitement hope without the fear of being ridiculed I could express as the words poured out I discovered the nevus of the trouble then facing it and exorcising it was not difficult.

The Buddhist call it not being attached, the Christians call it the will of god , the Hindu’s call being in the present and the atheists being in the zone this helps us tide over the obstacles.

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