Travel lecht.


Travel smart, ….

When someone asks a question that requires an answer the first challenge is what actually is the question. Then  comes the answer. Sometimes answering requires us to ponder how does this apply to me..

That brings me to what is travelling smart…

What is smart?

smart, well sitting in a closed room my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing. Actually i always  thought nobody was smarter than am. And what if they were? What good is their understanding doing to me? At the end  of the day no matter how smart, a person is, he’ll see only what he is looking for. Yet a good plan of action is a smart plan of action.

For a long time for smart was the root word of smarting that was experience that stayed with me after a verbal or physical rebuke. The dictionary however says,

  1. Very good at learning or thinking about things,
  2. Showing intelligence or good judgement
  3. Behaving or talking in a rude or impolite way showing a lack of repect for someone.

But coming to travel, I travel not go anywhere but to go, i travel for travel’s sake. The great high for me is to move. Like all good travellers I have no fixed plans and is not really too bothered about arriving at a destination. Between you and me, a real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Yet sightseeing is an activity that delights the truly idle because it seems so much like scholarship, gapping and eavesdropping on antiquity, flatterin oneself with the notion that one is discovering the past when really one is inventing it, using a guidebook as scenario of swift notations. Yet I have heard writers drool over Turkey “If you have one glance left then look at Istanbul”

Taking cognisance of smart translating to thinking about things and showing intelligence and good judgement, Mullah Nasruddin Hodja here I come to Ak-sheher to pay my respects to you in July.

Of course the I would have to contact skyscanner helpline and see the least expensive route, finalize my working holiday.  I have been planning this trip for a while, with a no show.

Maybe I should try creative visualization.

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