In de ‘ot water.

recoldIn hot water,

I don’t know why everyone talks about a hot bath in the morning.

An entire day of grime, and pollution. The body feels tired and abused. For me, it has been a hot water bath at night.

When I was in medical college I would return at 5pm. Have a real hot water bath and crash, till 8pm. Then I would have dinner and trot to the library to study till 1 am.

Once I got married, and my babies came along believe the hot water bath that a postpartum mother is given is utter bliss. Somewhere the oil massage and the hot water being splashed on the head is such a great relief that both the baby and me would crash for next two to three hours.

Now with no domestic help my day begins at 4am, lunch for the kids, sweep and mop, laundry, clinic, writing, lectures, ferrying the kids and my bête noir doing the dishes!!! I am hungry, grimy and angry.

The best way out of this I realize I massage myself with Navaratna oil, keep wishing that someone would give me a massage, turn the geyser on, and do the dishes. Warm water also helps in cutting grease from the wok and milk pan. When done, sit for 10 minutes with a warm cup of milk,

  • Now to the hot water add, dettol, I prefer the antiseptic fragrance to all the aroma oils.
  • Have a nice hot water bath that cleanses the
    • Body grime.
    • The angry thoughts from the mind,
    • And soothes the soul.

Now hit the sack for a good night’s sleep.


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