creating a hindu

james mill
James Mills

Histography? Is a historian looking at history.

When we look at history it is important to know who is telling the story. That is whose point of view are we speaking?

History is also how people look at themselves.  How did the Indians write their history? They wrote is just the way British wrote it. To be specific the way James Mills.

  • Ancient history—dealing with Hindu and Hindu kings,
  • Medieval history – dealing with Muslim invasion and Muslim ruler ship.
  • British India

What occurred to me salient was the diligent omission in referring to the British period as Christian particularly so as many of the rulers of the annexed princely state were converted to Christianity by crown sponsored missionary.

James Mills particularly talks about Hindu nation and Muslim nation something that the British rulers also maintained unfortunately this percolated to the nationalist movement too, ignoring the presence of Buddhist and Jain kings who were ruling many of the kingdoms particularly in the south.

In the 14th century to the British historian what was not Muslim became Hindu. That is the onset of creation of Hinduism from ethnic faith. 19th century saw the British conduct a religion based survey. The focus was to divide the community into Hindu and Muslim. And again not Muslim became a Hindu neglecting the Buddhist and Jain identities.

The word Hindu in itself has its origin in the Arabic Al Hind. Which goes back to Greeks calling the land to east of the sindhu as Sindhosh, the interchangeability of “s” and”h” phonetics converted

The sindhosh to Hindu.

The population began to refer to itself as Hindu only in the 14th century

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