lakshmiOne thing I really like about the tradition of Devi Bhagavatam or the Shakti cult is the fundamental belief that  everything in the universe is energy and since energy is dynamic energy is feminine.

Many of us do give, old clothes, and unwanted to things. Some of us even donate money or help others, but the underlying thought is this is my investment for a future need, or this ensures my place in heaven. One thing I have realized whenever I have given for sheer pleasure of giving I have gained more.

When I was at the Landmark Education forum one thing that came across loud and clear was I was reluctant to let people into my space. I would share a confidence, let someone cry on my shoulder , but my own feeling no thank you.

Thanking people was also mechanical almost a response to stimuli, I wonder if it reached my voice.

The forum made me realize inflow as important as inflow. Of course the trained spontaneous polite thank you still emerges, but I started keeping a book of gratitude, this helps me thank God for small mercies in my life.

I then made a list of people who I would like in my life and sent them e-cards. I actually called some people up. Those of you, who know me, know what a challenge it is for me to make that call.

I made the Goddess of sringeri my partner and put aside a % of my earnings to an account for her. I hand out my charities from it. At the end of the year it goes into the charity box at the Sringeri temple.

I give away my old clothes and newspaper to the recycle along with all those conferences bags that we never use.

If nothing I feel lighter.

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