women’s cell.

woman powerMarch 8th  women’s day

The women’s forum at goa had a workshop to address women’s cell.   It was quite interesting to explore the aims and objectives of the women’s cell. Since most of us had done our home with the blessing of googlemata we went in with a typical mindset. But Roland Martins, the man who can actually fire you into the orbit raised questions that really had us thinking.

When we do talk in terms of women’s cell we always talk in terms of organized sector and institutions. But there is a vast work force of women who independent entrepreneurs and run small businesses in the market place. Those women who work as domestic help what of them? What about their issues?

The questions now that became relevant to us were

  1. Women’s cell defining it.
  2. What should be its aims and objectives in a workplace?
  3. What would be the organizational structure of it all.
  4. How can we integrate the various issues that were brought up by the day’s discussions?
  5. What are the six activities that the women’s cell could conduct in the financial year 2014-2015.
  6. What is the kind of assistance would the women’s cell require from NGO’S govt. Department and women’s commission.

Now that put us on a totally different track. We were now looking at women’s cell as a body that supported, and inspired women to achieve their potential both at work and in their personal life. For aspects of growth is essential for wellness, that is career, finance, social, family, physical and spiritual.

That would bring us to the aims and objectives.

  • The right to equality in workplace in terms of pay, responsibilities and benefits.
  • A safe harassment free workplace.
  • Make recommendations to the chairperson in to create and implement rules and procedure to ensure gender fairness.
  • To deal on location issues of harassment at workplace, or have it dealt in a time bound manner.
  • Ensured childcare to allow for balancing of work and motherhood.

To have this function effectively we need to create an organizational structure that is located in a convenient place. That would have a hierarchy as

  • Chairperson.
  • Asst. Chairperson.
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Members—the people who actually make the cell up that is the people for whom the cell was created , with them should be a counsellor, primary healthcare personal, and a lawyer. There is also a need to have a resource contact if any other contingency should arise.

This cell would have function 7 days as week, as it is a helpline. This would bring in the need for supports like

  • woman violenceWomen’s commission for women’s rights issue.
  • Government institutions for implementing various programs, financial assistance that the government has set aside for women.
  • Police in the case of emergency.
  • NGO’s for skill and knowledge sharing.

The reason that I have put this on public domain is for brain storming. If any of you have any other inputs. Other than street plays, awareness seminars, poster contests, please do share. What I am asking for is not hot air talk but hands on action.

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