Soured Mango man.

just in case we forgot

With elections round the corner,

We have not had any of the candidates visiting us for their sell myself call. If they do I have a list of 10 question whoever has the maximum response that match mine will get my franchise.

But what really amazes me Good-Bad-Evil  Narendra Modi is seems to at the bottom of everything. I mean it is amazing be in BJP, AAP or congress everyone holding him responsible for everything. Media, has him causative of all evil, BJP sees him a panacea for all trouble.

BJP wins—Modi is the cause

citizen journalistBJP looses —  Modi is the cause.

Jaswant quits – Modi again

Advani throws a tantrum – Modi again.

Trouble in congress—divert to Modi and 2002 roits

Trouble in AAP – divert to Modi and Hindutva.

If the man is so omnipotent and  manifests across, time and space do we need to burden ourselves cut down expenses and declare him God all mighty and use the funds in much-needed areas like agriculture?

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